The PinkBunny characters

The PinkBunny characters

The PinkBunny character PinkBunny

The PinkBunny

… is the main character of this daily live story. He seems very serious and intelligent, but he is actually pretty sensitive on the inside. He loves his pet pig July and the actual stock market news. But he is also a secret fan club member of the blue duck. After his hard work he often like to relax, while practicing yoga.

The PinkBunny character Lilli


… is living together with the PinkBunny. She actually likes shopping, watching TV and eating cookies. While the Pinkbunny thinks of her as beeing very simple minded, she secretly also got some interest in the stock markets and serious stuff.

The PinkBunny character pet pig July

pet pig July

… is the pet of the PinkBunny. She was given to him by a friend and starts living with the two from now on.
What’s her character like, we will see in the close future …